Mixed Bead Craft Kit by Daisy Lily - Daisy Lily
Mixed Bead Craft Kit by Daisy Lily - Daisy Lily

Mixed Bead Craft Kit by Daisy Lily

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Mixed Bead Craft Kits - Embrace Creativity & Sustainability

Discover the joy of crafting with our unique Mixed Bead Craft Kits! At our jewellery workshop, we create beautiful pieces, but sometimes beads get mixed up. Instead of letting them go to waste, we're offering them to you in a special 200g bundle.

Each kit contains a selection of beads in various shapes, sizes, and colours—including fun letter beads and other surprises!

A Sustainable Choice

By choosing our Mixed Bead Craft Kits, you're supporting our commitment to sustainability. Rather than discarding these beads, we're giving them a second life, encouraging creativity while reducing waste. It's a small step towards a more sustainable world, and you're part of it.

What's Inside?

Each kit includes:

-200g of assorted beads

-A bag of elastic for bracelet-making

-String for phone charms

-How-to cards with simple instructions

Order your Mixed Bead Craft Kit today and start creating! With a variety of beads and easy-to-follow instructions, the possibilities are endless. Plus, by choosing this kit, you're contributing to a more sustainable future. Let's craft together, reduce waste, and have fun!


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