Beading Private Events Gallery

Step into a world where creativity knows no limits and connections are forged through the art of beading. Whether you're seeking a unique team-building activity, a memorable birthday celebration, or an intimate gathering with friends, our events offer the perfect blend of creativity and camaraderie.

Rimmel London

In our studio, we recently hosted a vibrant event in collaboration with Rimmel London, celebrating the launch of their Oh My Gloss Lip oils. Guests were warmly welcomed to experience the product firsthand and engage in a creative activity—beading a chain to adorn their lip oil and carry it with them every day. The sessions were filled with relaxation, creativity, and lively conversation, providing attendees with the opportunity to unwind, unleash their creativity, and connect with new faces. It was a delightful blend of indulgence, craftiness, and socializing, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Ultra Violet x Space NK

In partnership with Ultra Violet and Space NK, guests enjoyed a beading workshop, where luxury skincare met hands-on craftsmanship. Over two days, participants embraced self-expression, crafting bespoke beaded keychains to pair with a mini Ultra Violet Queen Screen SPF. Attendees also designed additional jewellery pieces, adding a personal touch to their collections. This daytime event offered refined enjoyment as beauty, artistry, and skincare seamlessly merged, leaving guests feeling refreshed and with new treasures to use within their everyday lives.

Maria Nila

Maria Nila asked us to host a personalised hair clip workshop to promote their haircare range. We worked closely with B the agency to create an experience that matched their aesthetic, even colour-coordinating the activity with their brand. 

Inkey List

Inky List enlisted our services to enhance the promotion of their latest lip balm at their London event, together we incorporated an engaging beading workshop. Introducing lip balm key rings injected a novel and thrilling aspect, perfectly syncing with their product ethos. Tasked with crafting an experience that resonated with their brand, we seamlessly integrated their vibrant colors and innovative concepts, resulting in an event that mirrored their dynamic energy