The Star Sign Edit: Taurus

It’s Taurus season baby…we have the ultimate gift edit for that special Taurus in your life.

Taurus Personality Traits

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus and is represented by the bull, they are extremely stubborn and are not going to compromise on their beliefs and passions. They will argue with anyone who gets in the way and they will not be corrected on what they know is right. Taurus are not known to get along or obey to authoritative figures, they hate rules! Taurus's are all about making their own decisions and do what they think is best. (You go girl!)

Taurus women are known to be kind and loyal, they often take time to open up to new faces, but if you become one of their friends just know your stuck with them for life. They will want to stay close to you. Taurus lean towards extravagance and high quality things which hold their worth - they are on afraid of treating themselves.

Shop our Taurus edit - we hope they like pink…

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