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At Daisy Lily, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with some incredible brands that share our passion for bringing people together through the simple art of beading. Beading & Boozing has proven to be a fantastic activity for brand events and meet-ups, providing a unique and relaxing experience.


Our journey started with a delightful collaboration with Byrotation in their Marylebone pop-up shop. Surrounded by their stunning rented clothing collection, we hosted a night of creativity, where the beautiful setting complemented our guests' jewellery creations. 

Next up was our collaboration with 'Girls who Graduate,' a platform supporting women transitioning from university to adulthood. Tailoring our events to fit the essence of the brand, this empowering evening brought women together, using our letter beads to craft bracelets with encouraging messages.It is safe to say that after a fun filled night many of the guests bonded and headed to the next bar to continue growing their budding friendships. We loved being apart of that journey and it always feels very rewarding to work alongside a community that values connection and community. 


Valentine's Day saw us partnering with Alice and Olivia for an event in their Mayfair store. Customers had the chance to make their own bracelets. These bracelets became love notes, adding a unique touch to their shopping experience. It was very unique for us and we really appreciated their fresh perspective on collaborating.  


Bondi Sands and ASOS Beauty invited us to an influencer event, providing a serene environment that perfectly complemented the creative atmosphere. It was a refreshing way to introduce a new range to their target demographic and influencer community. 


An exciting opportunity arose when we collaborated with Next and 'The Mum Club,' creating phone charms in a chilled and cozy environment. It was a surprising yet welcomed synergy that resonated with the attending mothers.




Inky List approached us to promote their new lip balm through a beading experience. The idea of lip balm key rings added a unique and exciting element, aligning the experience with their product.They asked us for something that worked and aligned with them. Using their brand colours and ideas we were able to cater an experience that matched their energy.




Maria Nila asked us to provide their influencer gang with a personalised hair clip workshop. We worked closely with B the agency to create an experience that matched their aesthetic, even colour-coordinating the activity with their brand. 


Stretching the boundaries of our beading activity, we collaborated with Sixways and Daily Dose, showcasing their healthy drinks at our events. Working with inspiring organisations such as Girls Club, London Lonely Girls Club, Glo, London Girls Book Club, The Girls That Walk, and York Girlies has been close to our hearts. Providing a safe space for creativity, comfort, and relaxation, especially for making new friends, is at the core of what we do.


Our portfolio reflects our ability to tailor our service to the unique identity of each brand or event. We are flexible, always up for a challenge, and ready to create an unforgettable experience for your brand. At Daisy Lily, we're more than just a service; we're an experience. Get in touch with us today, and let's craft something extraordinary together!



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